Work from Home
with VPN.

Virtual Private Networking lets you work as if you are in the office.

Starts from $599.
No monthly fees.

VPN is a secure, simple-to-use and matured technology, used all over the world in both big corporations and small offices. It allows employees to connect to office systems – such as accounting, HR, inventory and operations management – from outside and work as if they are in the office.

 If you have some office systems which cannot be accessed from outside the office, installing a VPN server will solve the problem. We can come and analyse your setup and recommend solutions for you and your staff to be able to work efficiently at home.

You would not have to make any changes to the rest of your systems setup, except that we may have to replace your router to a VPN capable router.

secure Connection

encrypted transfers safeguard your office data

Cost Effective

no need to invest in new systems, works with your existing setup. no recurring fees

money-back guarantee

we provide 14-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the VPN server.

Easy to use

connect using free built-in applications

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