Wifi Signal Extension


Boost your wifi signals and eliminate all the wifi dead zones in your home today.

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Information Required

What is the brand and model of your wifi router now?

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Want to extend your wifi to your bedroom or the attic? We can help you check your setup and recommend the right hardware for you (mesh routers or extenders) based on your home setup.

Scope of Service


⊕ Install and set up new extenders or mesh router nodes.

⊕ Configure your network for seamless connection.

⊕ Demonstrate connection speed for your verification.



⊗ Fees do not include hardware costs.

⊗ Fees do not include wiring costs, if needed.

⊗ Customers should provide their own hardware.

⊗ Depending on your home layout, only certain extenders may work. We can advise you upon receiving your information.