Wifi Set-up and Troubleshooting


Fix your wifi network once and for all. Get rid of problems such as slow and intermittent wifi and connections dropping out. Dislike your wifi network name? We will change that for you too.

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Information Required

What is the brand and model of your wifi router?

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Of all the modern day inconveniences, slow and unreliable wifi is perhaps one of the most annoying one, especially when it happens at home! You may have changed your router or added a new router to try to improve the network, but then got into other problems such as having to switch networks when you go into the bedroom.  Your network service provider may have sent their support team – but would not help you with your new router as it is not supplied by them.

All these problems can be solved by our Techies. We will get your network working again the way it should – without you having to even think about it.

Scope of Service

⊕ Identify and troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

⊕ Perform hardware updates and configure router settings for best network speeds.

⊕ Demonstrate connection speed for your verification.



⊗ Your router’s signals may not be able to reach certain areas in your home, due to your home layout and the capabilities of your router. In such case, we will recommend other add-on hardware solutions for you.

⊗ Fees do not include hardware costs.