Wifi Security Set-up and Optimisation


Secure your home wi-fi network from unwanted intruders and set up internet safety controls for your kids.

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Information Required

What is the brand and model of your wifi router now?

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If your router is still using the standard out-of-the-box password, you may be susceptible to hacking or unwanted leechers using your network. Our Techies can inspect your router and network settings to ensure all the security measures are in place. We can also set network priorities for services such as gaming over video streaming, or set parental controls for your network so that your kids are not allowed network access to certain sites or not even allowed to access wifi during certain times. Other services can also be set up, such as Virtual Private Network or Guest Network.

Scope of Service

⊕ Perform hardware updates for your router.

⊕ Set up security services such firewall and access controls.

⊕ Set up wifi network passwords.

⊕ Set up parental controls.

⊕ Set up VPN.

⊕ Set up internet service priorities.

⊕ Set up port forwarding.



⊗ Certain features (such as parental controls) may not be possible with some routers. Do check with us on the possibilities.