Upgrade Audio System with Bluetooth / Wi-Fi


Get the newest grooves on your awesome old-school hi-fi.

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You spent a fortune to get a top-of-the-line hifi stereo set with the best sounds for your home, twenty years ago. The set still works great but you no longer use it because it can’t stream music from Spotify or play music from your phone. Good news for you – we can help you find a new lease of life for your beloved stereo.

We can add a streaming device to your hifi and allow it to play music from your phones, computers, and streaming services over the network.

Scope of Service


⊕ Install streaming device to the hi-fi set.

⊕ Install relevant apps on personal and home devices to allow music streaming.


⊗ Fees do not include cables. Customers need to provide the necessary cables.

⊗ Wi-Fi network should be strong enough in the area you place your stereo.