Smart TV Setup


Make the best of your Smart TV.

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The latest smart TVs can be quite confusing to set up, especially if you want to connect to multiple sources and outputs and get them to work seamlessly with your other devices.

We can help you connect and configure your TV properly so that it works the way it is supposed to. Our Techie will explain to you how to work the controls once the TV is set up properly.

Scope of Service


⊕ Connect all the relevant wires for the TV

⊕ Setup TV channels.

⊕ Connect TV to internet, update and set up TV Apps if applicable.



⊗ Fees do not include cables. Customers need to provide the necessary cables.

⊗ Wi-Fi network should be strong enough in the area you place your TV if you want to connect it to internet wirelessly.

⊗ Customer may need to provide Google account for logging into Google Playstore on TV.