Smart Speaker and Hub Set-up


The smart home speaker can open up a lot of automation possibilities for the home. Gain control of all your devices via a single device or app, by consolidating them using a smart hub or speaker.

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Information Required

Which Smart Speaker or Hub are you setting up?

Please list down all the devices you wish to connect to this Smart Speaker or Hub.

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The latest smart speakers and hubs from the best brands are all designed to work as a single control centre for all your smart devices at home, including smart lights, smart door lock, smart home cameras and others.

We can help you connect and configure all your appliances via this smart hub and allow you to control all of them with a single device and app, instead of having to use a different app for each appliance.

We can also help you configure your smart hub to allow every member of the family to use the devices.

Scope of Service

⊕ Set up the device and connect it to the network.

⊕ Set up relevant accounts.

⊕ Connect all the devices.

⊕ Set up control apps on your phone / tablets.



⊗ Home hub for Apple HomeKit devices requires a HomePod, AppleTV or iPad as a home hub.

⊗ Home hub for Google Assistant requires a Google Home, Google Home Mini or Google Home Hub.

⊗ Devices need to be compatible to be connected.

⊗ Wifi network is required.