Smart Lock Installation


No more fumbling for keys. Upgrade your door lock to a smart lock and enjoy the added convenience and security.

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The newest smart locks are designed with convenience in mind. They can be retrofitted on your existing door with traditional deadbolt lock, and can be opened using your phone using auto-sensing technologies when you are near your home.

Additional features include backup keypads, remote lock and unlock and temporary virtual keys for families and friends.

Dead battery on your phone? No problem. The locks can still be opened using a key or a keypad.

Scope of Service

⊕ Install the lock on your door

⊕ Connect the lock to your wifi network and home hub.

⊕ Setup the phone app for access

⊕ Set up virtual keys for you and your family.

⊕ Demonstrate how to set up additional keys in future.



⊗ Certain features such as remote lock/unlock requires wifi network.