Smart Device Set-up


Set up any smart device and get them connected to the cloud, your phone or your home hub.

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We live in exciting times where every device in our life seems to be getting smarter and connected – weighing scales, refrigerators, washing machines, door bells, you name it.

Getting them to work, especially with your existing devices, may not be exactly fun though. Our Techies can help you get these new gadgets set up properly so you can make the best use of them. We may even help you discover a feature you never knew your device has!

Scope of Service

⊕ Install, configure and set up the new device.

⊕ Connect the device to your network or to your phone / tablet.

⊕ Set up account for online connection, if necessary.

⊕ Demonstrate how to use the device and where to get help in future.



⊗ Some devices may not be compatible with your existing devices, such as your Google Home Hub or Apple HomePod. Be sure to ask us for advice!