Smart Aircon Set-up


Make your aircon smarter by adding remote control capability from anywhere, anytime. Save money and maximize your comfort!

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Information Required

How many additional aircons need to be installed with the Smart Control?

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We are able to turn any air conditioner to a smart air-con that allows you to control the on/off switch, temperature and fan speed using your phone, from anywhere. Now you can turn on your aircon 15 minutes before you get home and enjoy the coolness as soon as your step through the door!

Scope of Service

⊕ Install and configure Sensibo device for each aircon that you want to control.

⊕ Connect the device to your network.

⊕ Setup and configure your phone to control the device.



⊗ The air-con must already have its own remote control (most modern air-cons do).

⊗ The device needs a power supply point near the area of installation.