Printer Set-up


Set up your printer and connect it to one computer or to a network of computers.

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Information Required

What is the make and model of your printer?

How many computers and devices are required to connect to this printer?

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Got a new printer and can’t seem to get it to print or connect to your computer? We can help you set it up properly – whether it is just connected to one computer or to a network of computers and devices. We can even set it up for you to print from outside your home!

We know how to configure the printer and adjust the router settings so that the printer can work properly and even have many devices connected to it.

Scope of Service

⊕ Install ink cartridges

⊕ Connect the printer to computer or network (wired or wi-fi)

⊕ Configure the printer to print from computer devices

⊕ Demonstrate how to print

⊕ Demonstrate how to change printer cartridges and do printer cleaning.



⊗ Some printers do not have network printing capabilities.

⊗ Printing from outside your home will require some configuration of your home router and thus will require your password access to the router.