New Device Set-up


Woohoo! New Phone! Get up and running with everything set up properly – contacts, calendars, emails, facebook, instagram and everything else.

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Everyone loves a new phone!

As you excitedly play with the new features of the device such as the super-duper cameras or the new authentication technology, it is important to remember to transfer all your data and and set up accounts properly on the new device, so that the transition to your new device is smooth and seamless.

Our Techie can make sure that all your accounts and data are migrated properly, or if you wish, set up the device properly as a completely new device, so that you will have no problems using it in the days to come.

Scope of Service

⊕ Perform system updates.

⊕ Setup all the necessary accounts.

⊕ Transfer all device data (phonebook, calendars, chat messages, photos, music and videos) to the new device.

⊕ Set up automatic backup of your phone to your computer or cloud service.



⊗ Limited to one new device. Some of the migration may require you to sign up for new free accounts with Google or iCloud.

⊗ Charges apply for each additional device.