New Computer Set-up


Set up your new computer properly and make full use of its capabilities.

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Information Required

Do you need us to take the computer out of the box and connect it up?

What devices do you want to connect?

Do you need us to migrate all your data from your old computer to this one?

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Congratulations on your new computer! Don’t let the nitty gritty of configuring your new computer get you down. We can help you set it properly so you can use it immediately without fussing over technical stuff like software updates and device connections.

Most computers need to be configured correctly and have the software updated so that it can “just work” with all the devices you currently have. We can also help you install software that you need and remove the “bloatware” that you do not need (read: free antivirus trials, game trials) so that you have a clean lean machine that works just the way you want.

Scope of Service

⊕ Perform all system updates

⊕ Remove unwanted software

⊕ Install devices such as printers and webcams

⊕ Install software programs (e.g., Microsoft Office, free antivirus software)

⊕ Set up user accounts

⊕ Set up auto backups (subject to availability of backup devices)

⊕ Transfer your data from your old computer (separate service charge)


⊗ We can only install software that you have licenses for.