Home Camera Set-up


Protect your home with home cameras and be able to check in anytime. Now you will know who stole the cookies from your kitchen.

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Information Required

Do you need the cameras to be connected to a Network Video Recorder?

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Having home security cams can help you guard against unwanted intruders or keep a watch over activities in the house – even alerting you on your phone in real-time.

Our Techie can help you set up and install the cameras in the most effective locations and set them up correctly so that the videos can be accessible from your phone or computer at anytime.

Scope of Service

⊕ Identify areas for installation

⊕ Install home security cameras

⊕ Connect cameras to network and set up your phones and computers to view the footage and use the inbuilt speakers

⊕ Set up Network Video Recorders (additional charge)



⊗ Does not include wiring work (for power / cat 6 cables).

⊗ Does not include hardware. All cameras and NVRs should be provided by customer.

⊗ Recording, cloud backup and voice controls are features that may not be available on some camera models.