Email / Online Account Setup and Support


Get connected. Set up your email or other online service accounts (such as dropbox or skype) on your computer.

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Information Required

Is this a new account or do you want us to help you with an old account that you have trouble accessing?

What email or service do you want us to help you with?

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Need help logging into your email account? Or need to set up a new email? We can help you with that, and even configure all your devices to seamlessly access and manage your emails.

Our Techies can help you log in and access your emails or create a new free email with some of the more popular email services such as Google Mail. We will also set up your devices so that you can access your emails from all your devices and have them synchronised – no more deleting duplicate emails from devices!

Scope of Service

⊕ Access or create one email / internet service account.

⊕ Set up your computers and devices so that you can access your emails both when online and offline, using the programs you prefer such as Outlook or Mac Mail.

⊕ Create folders if required.

⊕ Set up auto-responders if required.



⊗ The listed fee is for setting up one email / online service account. One email account refers to one address, such as

⊗ You may add this service more than once. Each account set-up requires a separate service charge.