Data Management and Sync


Tame your devices. Configure all your devices properly so that your data is synchronised real-time across all of them. Never worry about losing data or working with outdated documents again.

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Working with 2 computers and 1 tablet and 2 phones and having trouble trying to manage different versions of documents? We can help you set up your computers and mobile devices properly and take advantage of cloud services or your network storage devices to sync your data across all your devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones). This includes synchronisation of your calendars, address books and notes.

Once the devices are set up properly, you will never have to fret about working with an out-dated version of a document or having to transfer files to a USB stick to bring the document from your office desktop to your home laptop. Your desktop will look exactly the same across your computers! You can even share them online with others if you want, easily!

Scope of Service

⊕ Set up and configure online cloud service

⊕ Set up real-time synchronisation of desktop and document folders across devices



⊗ Limited to documents / data of one person. Each additional account is a separate charge.

⊗ Cloud services may incur a monthly subscription and the amount may depend on how much data you want to synchronise. Customer will need to pay for the subscription directly.

⊗ We need to have physical access to the computers and devices that need to be synchronised.