Data Backup and Transfer


Safeguard your precious data and back it up to another device or to the cloud.

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Information Required

Is this a computer-to-computer full data migration and transfer?

Where is the data now?

Where is the data going?

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Have valuable data on your PC / Mac that you cannot afford to lose? Or is your harddisk running out of space and you must transfer the 15,000 family photos and videos to another storage device for safekeeping? Have us help you organise and back up your data for a peace of mind.

We can help you back up your important documents and data to an internet cloud service, an external drive or to a new computer.

We can also set up automatic backups and even reconfigure your PC / Mac so that you can still access your data easily on the external services / devices.

Scope of Service

⊕ Evaluate your storage needs and validate that you have required storage space to perform the data backup and transfer

⊕ Organise and backup / transfer the data to external drive or cloud services.

⊕ Set up automatic backup if desired (subject to availability of storage space in the external drives / online service)

⊕ Configure the PC / Mac for easy retrieval of data.


⊗ Customers must provide their own storage media that are large enough to contain the data that needs to be backed up.

⊗ In the case where customers want to use online services for data storage, they would need to pay for the online services themselves.

⊗ Does not include data recovery services.