Data and Photo Migration


Offload your photos and videos to your computer so you will not run of storage on your mobile devices. We help you do it properly to prevent duplicates / lost photos.

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Information Required

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If your phone is popping up messages every hour to tell you that you have run out of space, the most likely reason is the overwhelming number of videos and photos you have on it. One of the best things you can do (besides buying a new phone) is to move your photos and videos to your computer for storage, and free up space on your phone for the next winning Instagram shot.

Our Techie can help you set up your phone and your computer connection so that you can safely synchronise your precious photos and videos from your phone to your computer (or cloud services), and still be able to access them whenever you want. We will configure it correctly so that synchronisation is automatically done next time you plug in your phone, and teach you how to get rid of those duplicates.

Scope of Service

⊕ Perform migration of photos / videos on one device

⊕ Set up photos and videos synchronisation between phone and computer so that the photos and the videos can be accessed anytime.



⊗ Each device can only be synchronised to one computer / account, due to its inherent system design.

⊗ Charges apply for each additional device.