Convert Old Photos and Videos to Digital Formats


Preserve your old photos and videos in digital formats.

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Some of us were not born into the world of Instagrams and YouTube and still have our memories captured in the old-school VHS cassettes and printed photos. We can help convert them into digital formats.

Digital formats of your old photos, videos and music will not fade over the years and lets you preserve your memories perfectly. In addition, you can now save space without having to worry about where to store those cassettes and photo albums, and can readily share them with friends and family whenever you feel like it.

Scope of Service

⊕ Includes collection and delivery.

⊕ Convert VHS, DVD and VCDs into digital files

⊕ Convert music CDs into digital music files

⊕ Convert printed photos into digital photos

⊕ Extract files from old floppy discs and CD/DVD into hard drive.

⊕ File naming will be as per our convention, unless otherwise instructed.

⊕ All files will be provided to customer via online storage, accessible for 1 month.



⊗ The quality of the final files greatly depends on the quality of the materials we are given. In some instances restoration may be possible but it is not guaranteed.