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Upgrade your old computer with newer and faster components, and make it work great again!

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Does your 2-year-old computer seem slow? Operating system updates and new programs can demand more computing power from your computer than before, but it does not necessarily mean you have to buy a new computer. A system upgrade can often breathe a new lease of life to your machine and keep it running for many more years.

By simply replacing the hard disks with SSD, or adding more RAM chips, computers can be made to run many times faster. More storage can also be added to store new data, such as the new holiday videos and photos that you have taken. In contrast, getting a new laptop may not even be convenient, as you will have to get used to working with a new computer. Save time and save money by getting us to upgrade your computer.

Scope of Service

⊕ Add or change your hard disk to a faster SSD. Price includes SSD.

⊕ Install or replace RAM modules. Price includes RAM modules.

⊕ Adding new cards to your desktop for new capabilities, such as new graphics card, USB ports, or Wifi card.

⊕ Register the new component’s warranty under your name, with the manufacturer.

⊕ We use the following parts for your upgrade:

Crucial P1 NVme

Crucial MX500 SATA

Crucial Memory

Kingston Memory



⊗ In order to perform the upgrade, it is necessary to open up your computer and this may void the warranty of your computer. Please read the warranty terms from your vendor to be sure.

⊗ Some computers cannot be upgraded due to the way they are manufactured. Please check with us to get the right advice.

⊗ If you are buying your own parts, please be sure to check their compatibility. We may be able to help you check if you provide us the information.

⊗ If you have selected “Install other devices provided by you”, please note that the quoted fees are only applicable to one device only. Additional charges will apply if you want us to install more than one device.