Computer Tune Up


Improve the performance and security of your computer with system updates, tweaks and removal of unnecessary software.

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Computers can slow down over time due to unnecessary programs hogging the processing power. This is especially true for many “bloatware” that comes installed on new computers. Sometimes it may just be an old software causing all the problems.

Our Techies can clean up your computer and make it faster and more pleasant to use. Get rid of those annoying popups today!

Scope of Service

⊕ Clean up the system and defragment the hard disks

⊕ Install all the system updates that are required.

⊕ Remove any unnecessary programs and files.

⊕ Clean up the hardware, including fans, filters and vents so that the computer runs cooler and faster.


⊗ Does not include virus removal, which can be added to this service separately.