Computer Repair and Help


Repair PC / Mac desktop or laptop, including replacement of faulty hardware components.

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Get a $30 discount if you send and collect the computer at our office.

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Is your Apple Mac or Windows PC not working well? Are there errors that are popping up that you don’t understand? Are you getting the blue screen of death. Don’t panic, we can help.

We can carry out repairs on your computer, including replacing faulty part such as motherboards, CPU, RAM, graphics cards, laptop keyboard and trackpads and more.

We will first try to diagnose and repair it at your home. If we cannot do it, we will bring the computer back to our workshop for repair. If parts need to be changed, we will advise you of the costs before proceeding.

Scope of Service

⊕ Collect and deliver at your home.

⊕ Diagnose and troubleshoot the problems.

⊕ Replace parts if necessary (components costs are extra charges).


⊗ Does not include data backup.

⊗ Does not include data recovery services.

⊗ Does not include monitor repair.
If you have a problem with monitors, please check with your vendor as usually these are usually not reparable.