Computer Reformat and OS Install / Reinstall


Start afresh with your computer. We can help you reinstall and update the operating system (MacOS or Windows) so that your computer looks and works like new again. We can also install Windows on your Mac!

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Information Required

Do you need us to backup your data before the re-format and restore it afterwards?

Is there a particular reason for the reformat and re-installation? We may be able to suggest something less drastic if we have more information.

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Got a hand-me-down computer that you need to refresh? Or have too many problems with the current operating system that you wish to start afresh? Or are you using a Mac but just need to somehow use Windows for a particular program? We can help you.

Reinstalling the operating system often clears away various problems caused by remnants of old programs. Your computer will feel and work like new again.

This is also useful if you are planning to sell your computer to another person. It is important that you do not hand over your data to the person who buys the computer from you!  We can wipe your harddisk for you, and reinstall the operating system so that the computer can be handed over with no traces of your data. We will use secure wipe (write-over all data with zeroes) so that data recovery will not be possible.

Scope of Service

⊕ Reboot computer into recovery mode.

⊕ Perform hard disk re-format.

⊕ Install / Reinstall the operating system on one computer.

⊕ Perform all system updates and install all device drivers

⊕ Set up user accounts



⊗ If your windows version is older than Windows 10, we would need a valid product license or installation disc that came with your PC.

⊗ Does not include data recovery services.